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Wednesday January 28 , 2015
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Bourke Aboriginal Health Service

Doctors & Dental Clinics

Appointments & General Information
  • All clinics are run on an appointment basis.
  • Referral can be made by you, a doctor, dentist, hospital, community health staff or others.
  • We make every effort to fit you in if you are ill or we will try to make you an appointment with a doctor at the Darling River Medical Service or the dentist at his private clinic.
  • Please tell the Reception staff if you have a Workers Compensation injury or think you may need some extra time with the doctor/dentist so a longer appointment can be made.
  • All patients who see a doctor will be bulk billed. If you are not registered with Medicare we will register you.
  • Dental clinic. Eligibility for these services is regulated by government funding.
  • It is encouraged that patients follow through their problems with the same doctor/dentist/health worker. It is not always possible to see the doctor/health worker of your choice. However, requests will be catered to whenever possible.
  • The nurse or health worker will do home visits if necessary.
  • If you telephone to speak to the doctor/dentist it may be necessary for him/her to call you back.


BAHS Health Services

General Practitioner Clinics
  • General
  • Client Case Management
  • Health Checks

Doctors Clinic - The BAHS contracts the services of local General Practitioners through OCHRE Health. Three GP’s currently service our clinic for six, 4-hour sessions, per week.

BAHS also contracts the local GP, Dr. Heather Dalgety every Tuesday and an outreach GP, Dr. Katherine Hutt one day per fortnight on a Friday.

Dental Clinics

  • Visiting Dentists The Bahs has a visiting Dentist through POCHE for 2 days per month and a Dentist through the RFDS every Friday.
  • Visiting Dental Therapist The BAHS has a visiting Dental Therapist through the RFDS every Thursday and a Dental Therapist from the WLHDS visits quarterly.


Visiting Specialist

  • Drug & Alcohol Outreach Coordinator – Through the Murdi Paaki AOD (Lyndon House)
  • Cardiologist Visiting two days per month
    Since June of 2011 we have had the benefit of outreach cardiac services provided by A/Prof R Chatoor on a bimonthly basis. On stop assessments are undertaken including echocardograms, holter monitoring and pacemaker chechs. Any additional investigations which prove to be necessary are undertaken at The Cardiac Clinic (www.thecardiacclinic.com.au) in dubbo.
    A/Prof R Chatoor's scope of practice includes pacemakers, coronary angiography, angioplasty and stenting. A model of continued care is therefore offered for a wide range of cardiac pathologies under his care from these outreach services.
    This year we have been fortunate enough to secure funding for monthly visits so that waiting times should be short. We are looking to expand these services further as we develop local infrastructure in the coming months.

  • Paediatrician Visiting two days bi-monthly
  • Respiratory Physician Visiting one day bi-monthly
  • Renal Physician Visiting two days per bi-monthly
  • Exercise Physiologist Visiting one day per fortnight through the Bila Muuji Upper Sector Healthy for Life Program
  • Dietician Visiting one day per fortnight through the Bila Muuji Upper Sector Healthy for Life Program.
  • A Psychologist and a counsellor Visiting two days each fortnight through the Bila Muuji Upper Sector Social & Emotional Wellbeing Program
  • Rehabilitation Specialist Quarterly


BAHS Health Programs

General Practitioner Clinic

  • 5 General Practitioner (Part Time rotational basis)
  • Clinic - Staffed by practice nurse
  • Resource centre for healthrelated issues
  • Individual advice on health issues

Other BAHS Programs
  • Chronic Disease programs
  • Group or individual health education programs
  • Hearing Health
  • Environmental programs (RID)
  • Health clinic staffed by a qualified Clinical Nurse and Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Aboriginal Health Workers and Nurses providing primary health care, health education and screening programs
  • Men's Pitt Stop Program
  • Women's Health Check
  • Referral Centre for specialist health and social issues
  • Health Related Transport Program - in partnership with NSW Health & Outback Division of General Practice
    • Including Enngonia Transport
  • Eye Health Coordinator - Regional Program
    • Screening programs
    • Clinical support
    • Opthamology referral/support
  • Patient Information Recall System - "Ferret" - Computerised patient database
  • Bila Muuji Tobacco Smoking Cessation Program
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Sexual Health

Public Health Notices

News, Events & Publications